Our realizations

Nieborów Palace

City: Nieborów

Place of realization: Nieborow Palace: Museum in Nieborow and Arcadia, White Hall, temporary exhibition of a painter Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, manufactory of majolica (permanent exhibition).

Products used: Beacon Muse, Beacon Accent Spot (manual control on each luminaire), E-candle.

Description of realization:

Nieborów Palace is an another important point on the list of realized projects. It is a very atmospheric palace. Majolica manufactory, beautiful interiors and exhibits require unique solutions for stylish and safe lighting. Absolutely the best solution was the innovative idea of ​​e-candles – a light sources, which resembled a traditional candle.

E-candle is primarily a product with an excellent technical parameters, the light source does not emit harmful UV radiation, so it can be used in museums, galleries, palaces, churches and other stylish interiors that require the safe illumination of works of art (paintings, sculptures, old prints). It perfectly imitates the flame by the flicker effect, but it can also shine with continuous light. Operating mode can be change by the remote control. E-candles in stylish chandeliers excellently proved themselves in the White Hall, where they were an important part of the entire lighting system of historic interiors. In the dining room and in the other rooms, there are 5 flaming candle holders (without cables, powered by rechargeable batteries). This solution attracts the attention of visitors and many specialists from the world of art, history and technology.

It should be stressed that the lighting system fully complied with safety requirements. Only modern products and 12V installations were used, without the need to process vintage candlesticks and existing installations.

For illumination of the exhibition of majolica manufatory we used small luminaires with adjustable angles. These light sources have the highest technical specifications (CRI 97), what is essential for proper color rendering and highlighting the beauty of the exhibits.

In the aspect of project in Nieborów we would like to to emphasize the role of Elżbieta Bagaczewicz-Biernacka. She is an unusual person, who every day with passion and respect for history seek for new solutions for museum interiors to show the beauty of art. Here we give her a huge thank you.