Our realizations

Old Orangery, Warszawa

City: Warsaw

Description of realization:

In the beginning of the 21st century we are witnessing revolution in lighting technology. New, more and more precise forms of light fill the public space: streets, cities, temples, sports and commercial facilities. Modern lighting allows better to emphasize the shape, color or texture of material reality. Lighting revolution is increasingly entering the world of culture and art. Recent achievements in this field we presented during the solemn vernissage of the Royal Gallery of Sculptures, which took place in beautifully restored Old Orangery building located in Łazienki Park in Warsaw.

To realization in Old Orangery we prepared ourselves exceptionally, taking care of every detail. Illumination of objects and works of culture is not only a technical challenge. It also requires aesthetic sensitivity and artistic sense of optics. This is particulary to sculptures based on the precise facial and silhouette that are often shown in motion, presenting emotions or symbolic gestures. By joining to such a prestigious project we were aware of the need for a subtle combination of the latest lighting technology with delicate artistic matter. In the Old Orangery we installed the Havells-Sylvania headlamps placed in the appropriate electrical conductor. Its technical parameters are: LED source, low power [26 W] and high CRI 97 color rendering index, which provides light similar to natural. We applied two types of headlights- the first one, SPOT, has a narrow angle of light, the other one is smoothly adjustable [from 10 to 60 degrees]. For illumination of sculptures, we used elongation lenses, extending light spot and DALI which enables switching, changing light intensity and programming light scenes [day, night, event]. The control is made from the wall panel. LED technology does not endanger the durability of museum objects because it does not emit harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Technology of headlight lighting from electrical conductor can also be applied in residential interiors. Correct illumination provides unlimited possibilities to extract the beauty of the exhibits.