Our realizations

Old Town Hall, Toruń

City: Toruń

Place of realization: District Muzeum in Toruń, Old Town Hall, Old Town Square 1, Gallery of Polish Painting from the end of the 18th century to 1939.

Products used: Beacon Muse – CONCORD

Description of realization:

Old Town Hall and its unusual spaces is an another point on the map of lighting projects carried out by our company. In the Gallery of Polish Painting from the end of the 18th century to 1939, the existing fluorescent lighting was replaced by a modern LED lighting system. Concord luminaires with the highest lighting parameters (CRI 97 color rendering index, luminaires with adjustable angle of light, extending lenses ). The new light has spectaculary highlighted the beauty of the exhibited works of art. The colors of the paintings and the interior of the gallery were highlighted, the dark backgrounds became visible. Thanks to the ability of adjusting the luminaires,  each image was individually illuminated, what highlights the beauty of the whole collection as well as each work separately.

The project was very positively evaluated by Dr. Mark Rubnikowicz – Director of the District Museum in Toruń, Agnieszka Tybus-Bugajska – Deputy Director for organization and administration, and representatives of the maintenance department of painting.

Due to the excellent technical parameters of the lighting, the museum successfully borrows Polish and foreign works of art to temporary exhibitions (eg. the temporary exhibition “Landscape with the merciful Samaritan” by Rembrandt).

In 2010 in the District Museum in Toruń was completed one of the first of large LED lighting installations (in the Gallery of Polish Painting and Sculpture from 1945 to 2010).