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The Royal Chapel in the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Płock

City: Płock

Description of project completed:
The special atmosphere of the Royal Chapel is highlighted by LED candles. The electronic substitutes (2.5W) create an impression of the light from real candles. In total 68 candles have been used in the chapel — in the main ceiling chandelier and two floor candelabras. The lighting so designed and set perfectly highlights colours, paintings, flooring and other elements of the interior after the renovation. Appropriate light scenes can be controlled using an application on a smartphone or a panel on the wall next to the entrance to the chapel. Undoubtedly, the lighting in the Royal Chapel is an exceptional project from a technical, aesthetic and artistic point of view.

“After the adoption of Christianity by Poland its deceased rulers and members of ruling families were buried in the premises of the most important temples of the state. Thus, the Płock Basilica, which is one of the oldest Polish cathedrals, has become a royal necropolis, others are located in Cracow and Poznań. Not only dukes of Mazovia from the Piast dynasty, but also two Polish rulers Władysław Herman and his son Boleslaus the Wry-Mouthed rest in the cellar of the chapel under a tower. When entering the chapel, let’s look at the inscription painted over the grating, which is a quote from The Book of Job: “With kings on the throne, He sets them for ever, and they are exalted.” Władysław Herman and Bolesław the Wry-Mouthed, who are commemorated with a symbolic sarcophagus made of black marble, had not put a crown on the head but they were exalted. They were successors of the kings from the Piast dynasty and rulers of Poland. In the period of their ruling not only did Płock become the bishop’s residence, but also the actual capital of the country…”.

The text for the project of lighting in the Royal Chapel was prepared by Beata Maciejewska, a journalist based in Wrocław and a specialist in the Piast period in the history of Poland. Wiktor Zborowski, whose voice is telling the history in the chapel, is a voice-over provider. The story about the polychromy depicting divine virtues, sarcophagi and royal insignias is highlighted by the moving light synchronised with sound and voice-over. It helps visitors to experience the sequence of perfectly lit scenes and descriptions.

Please feel free to visit the Płock Cathedral.